An Astonishing Secret

This online course by Fr Daniel O’Leary, over a series of ten videos, offers precious and life-changing insights about Creation, Incarnation and our own divine hearts – insights that were never revealed to us until now.

It is with great sadness we announce the death of Fr Daniel O’Leary who passed away peacefully in the early hours of Monday 21st January. Since June 2018, he has approached his journey with cancer with deep faith and immense courage. The end came more suddenly than we expected, leaving us shocked and saddened and we give thanks for the many ways he has touched our lives. Please remember him and his family in your prayers.

Fr Daniel always intended that, after the cost of running the website was covered, all income from purchasing the video course would to go to charity. He wanted to support our sisters and brothers who don’t have access to the basic needs of life – access to food, clean water, health care and education. Please know that in purchasing the course you will be fulfilling his wish and therefore leaving a legacy of hope.

butterfly against galaxies


A radical new light is now being shed on that Moment of Love 2000 years ago when God was revealed at the centre of humanity and of our evolving world.