Stars of my Years

Soul-friends of my life I remember you by heart.

It was you, for instance, who made me laugh

one long, long winter;

while it was you, patiently, who taught me

how to play again.

Some of you visited me the year no Spring came

and helped me find my soul.

And as you crossed my threshold

each one brought a special gift.

You discovered the weeping child within me

and helped to set her free.

You told me I could sing

and you taught me how to dance.

Because of you I can trust again

and because of you my fears are friendly now.


You came in the early dawn

and you came in the night.

You brought the music into my room

and you, the lamp.

Your name now is uttered by
the summer flowers

and yours by the autumn mists.

(Adapted by Daniel from Tagore and published in the bulletin when he was parish priest at St Benedict’s, Garforth, Leeds)