When the Veil parts

The key, for the Christian, lies in the renewed exploration of Incarnation – that ‘Moment of Love’, and its astonishing implications for all Creation. There is a radical transformation of everything we believe when we are convinced that God is another name for all that happens, for all that is, for all flesh, blood and matter, for all creation and evolution, for every breath we breathe, for every beat of every heart, human or non-human. A world of wonder we were never told about. A vibrant spirituality and theology arise when we combine the love-energy of the Incarnation with the living soul of the evolving universe. To move forward we need to drop much unnecessary and unhelpful baggage from the past, and employ our holy imaginations for the future. This is a new and exciting beginning where the faith takes on a totally undreamt-of challenge and transformation. It is like a new window on a new world springing from a radically renewed faith.
When everything we see, touch, hear and smell is perceived as the embrace of the divine arms; when the winter chill, the city noises, the brilliance of artists and the revelations of scientists provide glimpses of an incarnate God; when the New Universe Story of Evolution captures our hearts with a profound and transforming wonder, when the courage and hope of oppressed people on a mutilated Earth are experienced as the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit within, then, and only then, are we living within the Christian Incarnation. And only then, too, are we adoring the only adorable reality – the mystery of being itself. It signals the death of a God ‘out there’, and the birth of the God at the burning heart of Creation itself and at the core of our own being. This is the revelation of Beauty in Disguise. It is a new moment of grasping the meaning of an old grace.
(From an unpublished work by Daniel in 2018)