Themed Quotes

The Sacredness of Ordinary Life

God is always incarnate,

always just below the surface

of our daily lives.

. . .

Every moment of every authentic experience

carries the felt message for us

of divine grace.

. . .

God is the energy

that sustains all our human happenings

and emotions.

. . .

To become more aware of God’s earthy,

hidden dynamic all around us,

we need to

Look more intensely,

Think more imaginatively,

See more deeply,

Feel more attentively,

Love more freely.

Ordinary life

is very sacred indeed.

‘Unpublished fragments of love . . .’

In our very lives lies our divinity.

The shimmering we see in the first snowdrop,

in the first gasp of the baby,

in the mystery of suffering,

in tomorrow’s discovery of a distant, life-filled planet,

is the sublime artistry of the beautiful,

infinite and elegant animator and Mother

that we call God.

. . .

Life itself, all that it brings, all that we experience,

every sensation of the senses is God’s way of saying,

‘I love you; I gaze at you with mercy’.

There is a divinity that lies at the heart of every single thing we do, think and say.

. . .

It underpins, envelops and sustains our every act of courage in fear,

of hope in desperation. It is the completion of creation, the heart of our humanity.

All growing is God’s growing, all healing is God’s healing.

. . .

In all our efforts nothing goes to waste – every effort, every set-back, every daily disappointment and mistake – all are transformed.

All belong. And all are safely harvested.

. . .

As Christians we try to live out our lives with Love and Mercy.

In a weeping world we put love where there was no love

and thus continue the human Incarnation of divine love.

 Commitment – To develop a beginner’s mind

We need to start again with a ‘beginners mind’, with excitement and anticipation, to unwrap the hidden gift we have unknowingly neglected for so long. It is the grace of seeing.

‘The whole of life’, wrote Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, ‘lies in the verb “seeing”.’

To hearts and senses attuned, the symphony of Incarnation,

(which first accompanied the dance of Creation),

continues to resound today through all that exists.

We are called now to read and explore more widely,

to discuss and ask questions,

to test everything as much as we can.