Two Blessings

From Horizons of Hope

 Ruah – the breath of God. Pope Francis prayed that we may have a big heart, open to God.

May this blessed openness set you free to surrender

your future to the powerful RUAH of the Holy Spirit.

May you stay strong and persevering,

courageous and whole-hearted

in your commitment to this vision.

May your love be always stronger than your fear,

your light always stronger than the shadows

that will inevitably fall

across your most precious plans for RUAH.


Above all, may you be given the eyes to see the face of Christ

in every face before you, friend, stranger

or the one you resent the most.

May you always let RUAH blow your heart wide open

To endless love.

Daniel’s message at the end of Episode 10 of the Astonishing Secret video course.

Let us glorify the Lord, 
and glorify the world, 
and glorify each other, 
and ourselves
by the way we live our lives 
from now on.

With those wishes

Namaste, God Bless, Daniel